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About me

Good design showcases your content—it doesn't detract from it.

I'm a Boston-based, freelance web designer, who previously was a web marketing strategist and before that a web content manager.

Today, I use the skills, experience (more than 10 years of it), and knowledge acquired from those three positions to help small businesses succeed online.

I believe that your web content is just as important as your web design, which is why I offer:

  • Custom website designs that showcase your content
  • Writing and editing of web pages that attract and engage your ideal client
  • Development of online marketing strategies unique to you, your business, and your target audience

If these sound like services that could benefit your business, then let's set up a time to meet and get to know each other. What are your online business goals? Who do you want to reach via your website?

Let's get answers to these questions. Email me at hello@TaraHall.me.

What can I do to help you?

  • Custom website design
  • Front-end (HTML/CSS) development
  • Wordpress theme design
  • Visual and brand identity
  • Print design
  • Content strategy
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) research, writing, and consulting
  • Web writing and editing


To learn more about my work experience, view or download my resumé.